Fall Ministry Trip: Bridges of Faith

I don’t know how I came to know about Bridges of Faith.  I had followed their Facebook page at some point. When I saw that the new gym they had been working on was destroyed by a hurricane and we were planning on heading down to Alabama the following month it sounded like a great opportunity.  Bridges of Faith brings orphans from the Ukraine for a month to the states to get a look at life in America and as they go and meet people hopefully they will find their forever family. The property that it sits on is beautiful.

There were jobs for everyone and plenty of areas we could help.  The little ones and I did quite a bit of painting.  From priming some outdoor furniture to painting their big wrap around deck.  I’m pretty experienced in painting decks as that brown wrap around deck on our house is a continual job each summer.  Oh and this was also a huge wrap around deck…..that was the same dark brown color.  I just can’t escape that brown I guess.

We also did a deep clean of their little chapel as there was a wedding that was going to be held a few days after we left.

Josh and the older kids were in another part of the camp tiling bathrooms. They accomplished quite a bit in the week we were there. We all really enjoyed working with this ministry and I know that we will be back often, Lord willing!

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