Trip Update

So I had every intention of updating the blog at every stop.  But the internet has been quite the obstacle and after fighting it for so long I decide that I’d rather go to sleep!  So when we get back we have posts and pictures but I guess they’ll just have to wait.  I even took videos of how we live out of the RV this time!

Right now we are in Oregon and will be here until Saturday when we start making the long trek back to home.  We have a tentative ministry opportunity on Friday with a ministry that serves the homeless.  Everyone is pretty exhausted but today we have a relaxing day so I’m hoping we can recharge and be ready for it.  The kids have been doing well with all the car time although Benaiah now fights us to get him buckled into his car seat.  Once he’s in he’s good.  I think the kids miss our Sedona spot the most.  They loved doing school by the creek and then when they were done they could wade and swim.  It was beautiful!  They also loved hiking in all the places so far.  We have hiked in Sedona, Joshua Tree, and through the redwoods.  One of the trails we did through the Redwoods was the spot they filmed a Star Wars scene.  That was the only hike that we didn’t finish because it was so dark and desolate and I got scared and wanted to head back to the car.  We did most of it but just skipped the very end.  It didn’t help that it was titled Grizzly Pass.  Now supposedly there haven’t been Grizzly sightings there for decades but………I didn’t care!

So now that I’ve given up on posting pictures or video maybe I’ll be update every night like I’ve been wanting to!!!








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  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Enjoy every second and travel safe. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. God bless!

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