He Chose the Thorns!

Our first stop on the trip out was Oklahoma City for an over night at Twin Founatins RV Park.  Great park if you’re passing through Oklahoma City!  A bit of road noise, but a very clean and well maintained park.


We picked up a round of 18 at their onsite mini golf course.  Quite a challenging little course!

IMG_4155 IMG_4147

The course also provided a great teaching opportunity for the family.  Tucked away on the back nine was this beautiful little flower bush.  Spectacular blossoms and sharp red thorns.


We reflected with the kids how God humbled himself to dwell among us and choose not the beauty of the flower but the suffering of the thorns.  The King of kings adorned with a crown of thorns.  What a great reminder as we set out to share that message and love with others!

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