RV Life: Large Family Style

IMG_2474So in the almost 5 weeks on the road I think we learned that traveling with 6 kids in an RV was a blast and also difficult at times.  I must say that our kids are absolute awesome travelers!  We drove 17 hours in a downpour rain and we barely heard a peep out of anyone.  Considering we drove 6000 miles total they really only spent a small fraction of the time watching movies or doing any kind of media.  They read, played games, and just kept themselves occupied.  At times Little Man did not want to be buckled back into his car seat after a rest stop break but was always quickly appeased by a book or toy.


The morning that we realized that Ari had a really nasty infection on her finger and needed to see a doctor was a stressful and difficult day.  I yearned for home where I knew who to call and where to go.  Thankfully we found a place with extremely short wait times and what seemed like competent doctors.  We also had a few schedule changes due to weather.  Thankfully the kids didn’t mind at all.  We actually had to delay coming home a few days because of a snowstorm that hit at home.  Since the last week of our trip was our vacation week we were stuck at Disney for an extra day.  It was a struggle for these Disney addicts but we survived.

I loved doing school on the road.  While it was a tad chaotic at times it was nice that everyone was so close and I wasn’t running all over a big house to check on everyone.  Poor Blake was probably the one who missed home during school time the most.  He likes it quiet and quiet was hard to come by.  So he solved the problem and took claim of the bathroom for doing his Algebra and taking tests.

Cooking healthy homemade meals was not as difficult as I had thought it would be.  It just took a little longer than at home.  I also quickly learned that the smoke detector would go off the moment I turned the oven, stove, or griddle on.

The biggest struggle was keeping things picked up and clean!  Benaiah became a “bin dumper” while we were on the road.  All kids go through this but when you have 8 people in a space thats smaller than your master bedroom it doesn’t quite work.  Thankfully everything had a spot in a cupboard so eventually some sort of order could be established!  Soon I’ll be doing a post on how we organized everything.  I think it was a small miracle that we put that many people and that much stuff in that thing and when all cleaned up there was nothing on counters or out on floors!!!!

But I look back at all the fun times and all the times we got to bless others and it was all completely worth it and we cant wait to head back out in the spring, Lord willing.  One of my favorite days was visiting the nursing home in Florida where it was clear that the residents never had visitors, much less a bunch of kids who put smiles on their faces instantly!   I feel like I was blessed far more by all those we came in contact with!

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  1. How fun! It’s been great to hear of your adventures and receive your Christmas letter. I am sure you are having fun sharing God’s love with the many you are meeting.
    Sonia Harold

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