It’s the Next Big Thing

So right now pickle ball is all the rage in the retirement snowbird communities. Benaiah is inventing the next big thing.  It’s a combination of golf and tennis played on a pickle ball court. Name is still in the works.

Hawks Cay Dolphin Connection

This is what you call hands on learning.  We can not recommend the Dolphins Connecton more. Great experience with the dolphins and the trainers seem very knowledgeable.  It was a highlight for all the kids and the younger ones can’t wait until they are older so they can get in the water with the dolphins.

Youngest Snowbird

When we head to Florida for a month in the winter we usually end up staying in retirement communities that also welcome families. I love that the kids are quite comfortable and actually prefer to stay in these places.  This little one was told she was the youngest snowbird at the resort on Marathon Key.

May We Never Forget……

Teaching history to our children is so important and while traveling we try to find opportunities of new experiences to solidify what we’ve read in books.  Josh and I had been to the Miami Holocaust memorial years ago and have wanted to take the kids. It is beautiful and every detail has symbolic meaning. Some Read More…

Fall Ministry Trip: Bridges of Faith

I don’t know how I came to know about Bridges of Faith.  I had followed their Facebook page at some point. When I saw that the new gym they had been working on was destroyed by a hurricane and we were planning on heading down to Alabama the following month it sounded like a great Read More…